Monday, October 17, 2011

My Picnic Quilt

My Picnic Quilt is a nickel nine patch quilt, a quilt made up of nine patch blocks that are made from nickel (5") squares of fabric.  A nickel nine patch block finishes at 13 1/2" which means you don't need to make many of these blocks to make a large quilt very quickly. The Picnic Quilt has only 20 blocks in the center.  The two borders add another 13 1/2" to it's size making it big enough to have a picnic on, thus the name.  I used a three color block but any nine patch block color scheme would work. I used bright scraps from my stash to try to make a cheery quilt though I could see this pattern made from plaids or florals too.   

The back is pieced from more bright fabric from my stash.  Woohoo, another quilt entirely from my stash! I believe quilts should be used and I can't wait to throw it on the ground and have a picnic!

Linda used bright green thread and a Nouveau Feather Meander quilting design to finish this quilt for me.


  1. Your picnic quilt is lovely!!! I hope you get the opportunity to take 'er out for a trial run, soon!!! :)

  2. It's so fun and lively!! However, you better plan your picnic's getting cold here in the Midwest!! However, that doesn't mean you can't have an indoor picnic!!