Thursday, February 14, 2013

BlockBase Sew Along quilt block #2901.5 Broken Star

Broken Star quilt block

Here's my block #9 in Electric Quilt's BlockBase Sew Along.  It's called Broken Star and was published by Nancy Cabot as are the Prairie Flower, Pyramids and Independence Square blocks that were made previously in this Sew Along.  

If you'd like to see more Nancy Cabot blocks, check out my blog called Moore About Nancy and check out the Nancy Cabot Sew Along.  A new block pattern is published each day.

I made this block 9" finished.  I paper pieced it because I thought that was the fastest way for me to make it.  It could certainly be cut and pieced easily also.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

BlockBase Sew Along #1401

It's week number 8 in Electric Quilt's BlockBase Sew Along!

This block is called Borrow and Lend and is block #1401 in BlockBase.  Looks like four spools to me!

Anyway, it's super simple and can be made from 5" squares.

I chose to keep the background fabric the same and make each "spool" a different color.  I just thought that worked better with the other blocks I have made so far.

To make a 9" finished block like mine, you just need a few basic parts-

1-5" X 2" strip for center
2-2" squares of background fabric
4-half square triangles of both fabrics-2" unfinished

I made my half square triangle units with Triangles on a Roll 1-1/2in Half Square triangles (finished size).  I really love those things!

Make 4 of these units and sew together like the block above.  Each section should be 5" unfinished.

You could vary the background fabric in each section for a different look!

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