Thursday, December 9, 2010

Today, I officially start my 55th year and the beginning of my Double Nickel Quilt Challenge.  I have started designing my 55 quilts and as I promised last time, I have a FREE block and quilt pattern to share with you.  I call this quilt "Bright Shiny Nickels".

This is a modern quilt with no sashing or border. All of the squares were cut from my scrap  fabric stash.  A pre-cut charm pack would work well also. 

I call the block-"Nickels in the Corner".  It is 13 1/2" square finished.  It's very quick and easy and you can use up a lot of your scraps.  The background can be scrappy also.  I chose a solid white fabric for the background but you could use any color.  A scrappy white on white background looks great too. The sewing can be done in an evening or two depending on how late you like to stay up!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to construct the basic block-

For each block you need-
  4-5" squares of assorted fabrics
  2-5" squares of background fabric
  1-5"x14" strip of background fabric (or use 3-5" squares sewn together)

Sew print squares to each side of your background squares and press your seams to the print squares.

Sew your 3 strips together and your block is complete.

Two variations of this block are needed to construct a quilt.  For your FREE quilt pattern, click HERE

I love the quilting design chosen by Linda of L&R Designs.  The simple grid design contributes to the modern feeling of this quilt and can be sewn easily with a long arm or domestic machine.

Here are some close-ups.

The next quilt will be posted after New Years day. 

Happy Holidays!