Sunday, November 13, 2011

Twist and Turn quilt

Only 25 days until my birthday and the end of this Double Nickel Quilt Challenge and what a challenge it has been!  Even though I have used fabric from my stash for every quilt, I still have more fabric that needs to be used.  But now, I have lots of ideas about how to use it.  By December 9, 2011, my 55th birthday, I will have shown readers of this blog 55 ways to use 5" fabric squares in their quilting.

Here is idea #48 made entirely from half square triangle blocks, my Twist and Turn quilt-

Twist and Turn is a two color quilt made from scraps of red fabric with the cream fabric in the center of the quilt being the same for all the blocks.  A different cream fabric is used in the blocks of the outer border. I could have used scraps of cream fabric but I didn't have any left! Yay!  They have all been used in other projects shown on this blog.  So maybe I am making at least a small dent in my fabric stash.

Two variations of the same block are used-

The fabric placement is what makes them look so different.  In the first one, the background is white and the swirly design is red.  In the second block, the background is red and the swirly design is white.  Doesn't even look like the same block, at first glance anyway. I really like the way the two blocks work together in this quilt and create several secondary patterns. The outside border of half square triangles set askew adds to the "twisting and turning".

This quilt has not been quilted yet.  It's getting too close to the holidays to have many more quilts quilted.

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