Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nancy Cabot Sew Along starts today!

The Nancy Cabot Sew Along at Moore About Nancy officially starts today, eighty years after Nancy Cabot started publishing quilt blocks for the Chicago Tribune in 1933.  Today the blog tells a little history about Nancy and her newspaper column but starting tomorrow, a block will be posted each day on the day that it was published by her.  It won't just be a drawing of the block which is what she provided, I'll tell you how I think it should be made with the resources that we have available today so start looking through your scraps and be ready to sew!  
I'm planning on making a sampler quilt of 6" blocks but I already know that some of the quilt blocks are much too complicated to make at that size.  However, there are a lot to choose from since she wrote the column well into the 1940's!

Cactus Basket quilt block
The first quilt block she published, she called Cactus Basket.  It is made differently than what I find most commonly pops up when I "google" Cactus Basket quilt blocks however.  Check back tomorrow to start sewing along.  You may sign up for an email subscription on the Moore About Nancy blog.  You will receive a link in an email back to you that you must click on to verify that you really want to sign up.

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