Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Triangle Confusion

Finally, Triangle Confusion brings to an end the pile of half square triangles I started way back on Memorial Day weekend!

The block is loosely based on the Windblown quilt block.  I say loosely because I only used half square triangles and made it very scrappy instead of just two colors.  For most anyone looking at this quilt top, it is very confusing to pick out the block at first glance.  Thus, the name. There are a bunch of  secondary patterns created also-pinwheels, 3d boxes or cubes, square in a square...  The actual block is made from 16 half square triangle blocks.  After I figure out what  to use on the back, off to the long arm quilter it goes.


  1. I love it!! Will you do doing a pattern for this one? Even though you explained it, I still can't see the block!!


  2. I will do a pattern but I don't know how soon, my challenge date is quickly approaching and I need to sew, sew, sew!