Thursday, August 4, 2011

Criss Cross Stars done and contest

Criss Cross Stars is done!  Another quilt made entirely from my fabric stash.  There are 96 4 patch blocks and 160 half square triangle blocks in this quilt. I pieced the back on this one also which I really don't like to do but it sure helps use up the ol' stash.  However, my husband walked into my sewing room the other day, looked at my fabric and said "You haven't made a dent."  I have made 20 some quilts and he's right, my stash doesn't look noticeably different. 

I did something a little different with the binding.  Here's a close-up-

I used the backing that's left over after it's machine quilted, the extra width and length they need to attach it to their machine, to make the binding.   But since the back was pieced, the binding was pieced so I just matched it up and made it fit.  The photo is showing the back of the quilt with a portion of the front flipped over onto it.

Linda of L&R Designs then quilted it with a pattern called Plumage.  Check out her blog for quilting design ideas for your quilts.  I'm going to start a contest in the near future where you can win a pattern so check back for details!


  1. I've been following along with you & trying to use up my stash in my own way (since I'm such a novice quilter & don't really have a "stash.")...I have an order for 100 fabric gift bags (about 10 x 10) with a pocket in each and a 7" circle to match each one (to be used as a jar topper. So, here I am, 63 completed, and it appears that I haven't really used up all that much fabric. I have a small hole where a stack used to be, but that's really about is that?

    I do love that quilting plume!!


  2. Love following your blog and have always loved this pattern, especially with scraps! Great job!