Monday, April 25, 2011

Nickel I Spy #3

This I Spy quilt is for Lily. Lily turns 4 this week. We have 6 grandchildren turning 4 in a year's time.  From September 19, 2006 through September 18, 2007, my husband's 4 daughters, my daughter and my son's wife all had children!  I think that's probably some kind of record.

Lily has a baby sister, Lucille or Lulu as Lily calls her so I thought it would be nice for them to have matching I Spy quilts.  By matching, I mean all of the I Spy squares are the same in each quilt but are arranged differently so they can play a matching game when Lulu gets old enough.

As you can see, I added their names in the center of the quilt.  I fused the letters of their names on and did a small zigzag stitch around each letter.  I used a different color scheme for each quilt.  The same fabric was used for the name, the backing and binding on each quilt-pink for Lily and lavender for Lucy Violet.

Linda of L&R Designs did a cute flower and loops quilting design that really added to the "girlyness" of the quilts.  Here's a close-up of the design on Lily's quilt.   A pastel variegated thread was used on Lily's quilt and a lavender thread was used on Lucy's.  Two quilts done, many more to go!


  1. These are really cute -- the name in the center is a perfect touch. Kids love I Spy quilts!

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  3. They love them by the way! Lily snuggles with hers every morning and Lucy tries "to pick up" the small things like the popcorn and the candy. :)


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