Friday, July 8, 2011

FREE pattern added

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted my last quilt.  It's been a very busy summer so far.  We took a 12 day trip to Texas where my husband won a gold medal in doubles bowling at the Senior Olympic games!  We visited with one of my brothers, my sister-in-law and a niece that live in Austin too.  For the long ride to Texas from Iowa, I grabbed a stack of nickel squares of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and some 2" paper hexagons at the last minute to try my hand at English paper piecing.  It's actually quite easy.  A 5" square is just the right size for a 2" hexagon.

  Here's what I accomplished-

68 hexagons

I have an idea of what I want to do with them but haven't tried it yet.  That will be another post.
Two days after we got back from vacation, I went to a 3 day quilt retreat.  I worked on this quilt and started on 20 flannel bibs for my daughter's daycare business. Who knows when the bibs will be finished!  I used 64 half square triangle blocks, 80 four patch blocks and 52 two patch blocks from those that I made on Memorial Day weekend. This quilt still needs a name and has not been quilted yet.

My Nickel in a Box quilt pattern is now available as a FREE pattern along with my Bright Shiny Nickels quilt pattern.  Both patterns are much easier to access.  You do not have to enter any information or put them in a shopping cart any more.  I hope this helps those who were having trouble getting them.

                   Bright Shiny Nickel FREE pattern                  Nickel in a Box FREE pattern


  1. Now, I am not a big football fan, HOWEVER, I see that you live in Coralville...which if my I-80 memory serves me correct is outside of Iowa City...home of University of Iowa Hawkeyes? Following me so far? AND I only think of this because I live in Nebraska...with two teenage football fanatics sons and a football fanatic husband. That disclaimer out of the way...I see a giant "X" in the center of your quilt. The Greek symbol for ten is X...which leads me to think of The Big Ten...AGH...I hate it when my testosterone laden males haunt my thinking!! Wait! I got another idea! If this is a double nickel right? 5+5=10 or V+V=X. Maybe that is a better title? V+V=X? :) I think I better get off the computer...I am just getting goofy now!
    Deb from

  2. Oh my gosh - did you have that beautiful quilt in your head when you were making the triangles & squares, or did you just figure it out when you laid 'em all out? Whatever, it's gorgeous!!

    How about calling it the Road to Texas, or Right Up Your Alley (in honor of the bowling hubs did)? Very nice, whatever you call it!


  3. Thanks for the very creative names! Very fun.

    Yes, Iowa City is the home of the Hawkeyes and is connected to Coralville.

    I did not have this quilt in my head, I just made a bunch of blocks and laid them out. I'll talk more about that when I post the finished quilt.

  4. i think of two things...
    X marks the spot
    and or Crossroads