Monday, September 19, 2011

Mack's quilt

Five years ago today, my second grandson was born.  Macklane (Mack for short) is my daughter's first child.  Little did we know when Mack was born that my husband's four daughters and my son's wife would all have babies in the next year!  Bridger is the last one born in that year time frame.  He turned four yesterday.

I made this I-Spy quilt for Mack's birthday.  He hasn't seen it yet because his birthday party isn't until the weekend.  I hope he likes it!  The backing has construction vehicles on it and he loves that sort of thing.

I plan to make Mack's three little sisters I Spy quilts using the exact same fabrics that were used in his quilt.  I'll arrange the I Spy fabrics differently for each quilt so they can use them to play a matching game and since their names will be on them, there shouldn't be any fighting over whose is whose. One of his sisters has a birthday in November and the other in December, the day after my birthday so I guess they need to be part of this Double Nickel Challenge!

Linda of L&R Designs used a variegated thread and custom quilting design to quilt this quilt for me.  I used the same fabric for the binding and the letters of Mack's name.  I really wished I would have noticed that red square above the K in his name.  I would have moved it if I would have noticed before it was quilted!


  1. That red square just makes his name pop out!

  2. I love it!! You are such a good grandma!!

  3. Ha! I didn't even notice it till you pointed it out, and I'm sure he won't either! I am still a newbie (we're talking a grand total of ONE real quilt here), but I found that taking pictures & viewing them on my pc made the balance (or imbalance, as the case may be) more obvious. We placed blocks, took & viewed pics & re-placed blocks a good half dozen times before we found a pleasing layout. Don't tell, but I messed up when sewing 2 blocks together, and it showed. Badly. Viewing the pics made the mistake obvious & I was able to correct it before adding borders!


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