Monday, January 9, 2012

I Spy quilts

I have been playing catch up the last few weeks during the holidays.  Our house is very busy from Thanksgiving to New Year's like most people's but we also have a lot of birthdays thrown in- mine, 2 granddaughters, two sons, 2 son-in-laws, 3 grandsons ending with my husband's yesterday.  As you can imagine, not a very good time to start a new project so I worked on finishing some.
Here are pictures of four I Spy quilts I finished-   

Macy's I Spy quilt

My granddaughter Macy turned four the day after my birthday and her sister Lainey turned three the day before Thanksgiving. I gave them these I Spy quilts. All of the fabric squares are the same in each quilt and match their brother Mack's quilt that I had made in September for his fifth birthday.  I used the same squares so they could play a matching game with them.  I chose backings that reflect what they like right now.  Macy got My Little Pony and Lainey got Hello Kitty for their backings.

Lainey's I Spy quilt


Quinton and Cooper are brothers and are my husband's grandsons.  Quinn's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving also. They have not seen their quilts yet.  I need to finish their mom's quilt before I ship them off to Pennsylvania.

Quinton's I Spy quilt


Quinn likes super heroes so he got a Batman backing.

Cooper's I Spy quilt

 Cooper has a dragon theme bedroom and shares a room with his brother Felix who already has his I Spy quilt.  I used the same starry sky fabric for their backings.

I have two more I Spy quilts to go.  One for Max and one for Xavier.  They are brothers so I hope to have them done by Max's birthday in February.

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  1. WoW... That is alot of Birthdays so close to each other! You should start working on next years NOW! I just love the sweet I-Spy Quilts and that you matched backings to each child. Have a great day. Kim C ^i^


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