Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just A Nickel

Here is the second quilt pattern of my Double Nickel Quilt Challenge.  This quilt uses the same block patterns as the quilt shown in the first post.  However, the blocks are rearranged to create the look of borders and sashing.  No trying to get a border to fit in this one!

This quilt was made by Linda of L&R Designs from my pattern called Just A Nickel.  She calls her version Leftover Blues because she used leftover blue squares from another project. Instead of using a solid white fabric for the background she used scraps of white on white fabrics.  I love the effect of the scrappy background. 

For the quilting design, she stitched the length of the quilt and spaced the quilting lines at random widths as you can see in this photo of the back of the quilt. Notice how the back is pieced with even more leftover squares!  Can you see the blue squares shadowing through to the back?  Keep this in mind if you are using a white backing fabric if you don't like the look. 

For more quilting design ideas, visit Linda's web site lrdesignsquilting

Here is a quick tutorial on how to construct the main block used in this quilt-

For each block you need-
 2-5" squares of assorted fabrics
 1-5" square of background fabric 
 2-5"x14" strips of background fabric (or use 3-5" squares sewn together for each strip)

Sew print squares to each side of the background square and press your seams to the print squares.

Sew your 3 strips together and your block is complete.  Press seams to center strip.
Two more variations of this block are needed to construct the quilt as shown.  This quilt is a variation of my FREE quilt pattern posted HEREYou need to rearrange the blocks to get this look or you can get a free download of the pattern simply by posting a comment on this post by 1/5/11 and sending me your e-mail address so I can send you the pattern.  You can contact me at


  1. Hi Candace
    Just found your blog and I have to follow you! Why you ask, well, I love your challenge idea--very creative idea, and when I read your profile, you like An Affair to Remember with Cary Grant. How many of us would say that?? I've loved that movie since I saw it for the first time as a teen,--on TV, not that old!!! Anyway, I fell in love with Cary Grant and the whole notion of love with that flick. Ahhhh.
    So, I think we may be on the same wavelength about some things.
    Welcome to blogland

  2. I love this quilt and I'm probably gong to try and make it as soon as I get a chance. I've pinned it as one of my inspirations on Pintrest.
    Claire from


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