Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nickel In A Box quilt

Here's the third quilt pattern of my Double Nickel Quilt Challenge.  I call it Nickel In A Box and is offered as another FREE pattrnContrast is the main design element in this quilt.  You need contrast between the center of the block and it's outer border and you need contrast between the blocks to get this graphic look to work.  I have contrasted the colors of the fabrics as well as the scale of the patterns in the fabrics though simply contrasting the colors of the fabrics can be enough.   

This quilt uses a variation of the same block pattern as the quilt shown in the first and second posts. These three quilts are a good example of how color placement within a block can totally change the look of a quilt.  See comparison below.

Nickel In A Box
                  Bright Shiny Nickels 
Just A Nickel
 Nickel In A Box 

The first 2 quilts do not have any added sashing or borders as it appears they do.  They are constructed using the same block as the third quilt.  All three are super fast and easy. They are a great way to use scraps or pre-cut charm packs.

This quilt is small enough that I quilted it myself on my home sewing machine.  I stitched horizontally and vertically following the outline of the block and then stitched in both directions again lining up with the center of the block to create a nine patch grid.  Here's a close-up-

I made the binding for this quilt out of coordinating scraps also.  I used scraps that were the full width of fabric long and just pieced them end to end until the strip was long enough. Here's a closeup-

Here is a quick tutorial on how to construct the block used in this quilt-

For each block you need-
 1-5" square of fabric for center
 2-5" squares of contrasting border fabric 
 2-5"x14" strips of contrasting border fabric (or use 3-5" squares sewn together for each strip)

Sew contrasting fabric squares to each side of the center square and press your seams away from the center square.

Sew your 3 strips together and your block is complete.  Press seams to outer strips.

This quilt is a variation of my FREE quilt pattern posted HERE


  1. Very cute! What a neat challenge and a wonderful way to use up some of your stash.

  2. Fun designs! I will be a regular reader and look forward to more magic like this through the year.

  3. Super simple, but so striking. Love the fabrics you have chosen. think I will try this for one of my newborn baby quilts for the hospital.

  4. I love this quilt! Great color contrasts! Did you actually have these scraps around? Lovely!


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