Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Twister quilt

Big Twister quilt
My daughter has had me make quilts for each of her children out of their receiving blankets once they have outgrown them.  After the first two, I got a little behind.  Child number three is already 3 years old so she requested that I make this quilt bigger than the other two quilts that I made.  She told me to just cut them up into 12 1/2" squares and be done with it.  I tried but just couldn't leave well enough alone.  I couldn't arrange the squares in any fashion that I liked.  I decided a twister quilt might work but my squares were too big to use the Twister tool.  So, I figured out the math and made a Big Twister quilt.  I like the look much better and my granddaughter Lainey Jane loves it!  Now, what to do for the back.  The other two quilts are reversible.  I'll show the other two receiving blanket quilts in my next post.

On another note, here's an idea for a quilt.  My grandson Macklane has just redecorated his bedroom with a camouflage theme.  I used camouflage fleece and black flannel to make a quilt for his room.  The two fabrics were quilted together with a large stipple design. No batting was used so I guess technically it's not a "quilt" but Mack loves it just the same.  I used black flannel for the binding and machine stitched it in place which was a great time saver.  Makes for a very quick and easy project!


  1. What a great twister quilt.
    I'm not sure if you know this, I am running a Twist Along right now. I would like to link this post to show your great quilt. Would that be ok?

    1. Yes,that would be great. I sent you an email.

  2. A lot of the blankets I make for charity are just that - double-thick fleece, no batting. Here in South Texas, that's usually plenty warm, and the kids seem to love the softness of the fleece. It's been on sale for pretty cheap lately, so I was able to get out a few!!