Monday, February 20, 2012

Receiving Blanket quilts

Lainey's small quilt

Doll quilt #1
Doll quilt #2
Doll quilts showing reverse side

After spending way too much time and energy trying to make Lainey's Big Twister receiving blanket quilt reversible, I gave up and found some fabric in my stash that I can use for the backing. I'll post that after it has been quilted. Instead of a reversible quilt, she gets a second smaller quilt, 41" X 45", and two quilts for her "babies"(dolls) that are reversible.  I used the leftover waste squares from the Big Twister quilt to make Lainey's small quilt and both sides of Doll quilt #2.  The leftover squares just happen to be 5" squares!

I had wanted to make the Big Twister quilt reversible because that's how I made her older brother and sister's quilts.   In fact, I made her brother two!!  Of course, he's the oldest.  My youngest granddaughter turns two in May so her blankets are waiting to be made into a quilt also.  Hers will be much easier because they are all color coordinated. Here are a few poor pictures of the other quilts I made. I didn't even get the back side of the last two but they are about the same as the front.

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